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    DK242 1/4米双单色仪
    DK242 1/4 Meter Double Monochromator

    DK242 1/4米双单色仪

    # 通过RS232或IEEE-488接口连接计算机,不干预控制三狭缝装置和双光栅转台
    # 双向扫描,光谱分辨率恒定 (CSR)
    # 三光栅转台,在宽光谱范围上实现高效率扫描
    # 增强色散型配置可以提高分辨率并减少杂散光,适合拉曼和荧光研究;降低色散型配置可以使脉冲光源的展宽最小化
    # 集成SP的滤波轮,可自动切换滤波片
    # 工厂可将其配置成单色仪或光谱仪



    DK242 1/4 Meter Double Monochromator

    • Internal controller connects to any computer via RS232 or IEEE-488. Hands-off control of three slit assemblies and two grating turrets.
    • Scans in both directions and with Constant Spectral Resolution (CSR).
    • Triple-grating turrets allows high efficiency scanning across a broad spectral range.
    • Additive dispersion increases resolution and reduces stray light for Raman and fluorescence studies, subtractive dispersion minimizes broadening of pulse sources.
    • Integrates with SP filter wheel for automatic filter switching.
    • May be factory configured as a monochromator or spectrograph.

      The Pioneer: Better Resolution, Stray Light Control

      The DK242 is two cascaded monochromators, with the exit slit of the first monochromator functioning as the entrance slit of the second. This instrument may be factory configured to operate as either an additive or subtractive dispersion double monochromator. In both modes, the two monochromators act as a double filter with the rejection of stray light being nearly the square of the single monochromator value. In the additive dispersion mode, the DK242 is the equivalent of a half-meter monochromator, but permits greater reduction of stray light. The first grating spreads the spectrum over an angular range; the second grating then doubles this dispersion. The result is twice the resolution of a single 1/4-meter monochromator. In subtractive dispersion mode the first monochromator selects a bandpass. The second monochromator then removes the temporal and angular aberrations introduced by the angular spectral dispersion in the first monochromator.

      The DK242 offers a unique solution to practical problems in the spectroscopy of pulsed sources. For example, an ordinary monochromator will introduce up to 250 pico second broadening in light pulses that are passed through the monochromator. Operated in the subtractive dispersion mode, the DK242 reduces this broadening to almost zero because the second monochromator equalizes the optical path length of the first.

      The DK242 is also a unique solution to the practical problems of Raman spectroscopy because the high stray light rejection of the two monochromators allows observation close to the laser line. SP's unique CSR scanning technology also improves efficiency in the red and near IR while maintaining resolution. (In the CSR mode, the monochromator's change in dispersion with wavelength is compensated by a change in slit widths while bandpass remains constant. Intensity improvement up to 4x can occur).

      Equipped with SP's Direct Digital Drive, the DK242 is a complete computer-controlled instrument. The control electronics are internal, calibration is automatic. Any computer can control the DK242 through its RS232 interface with simple commands (shown in all capital letters) to direct the monochromator to GO TO a wavelength, to SCAN between wavelengths at a preset SPEED, to SELECT gratings, or to report its STATUS.

      Feature Value
      Design: Double cascaded Czerny-Turner.
      Triple-grating turrets standard in each section.
      Focal Length: 240mm each section.
      f/#: 3.9 overall
      Wavelength Drive: Dual worm and wheel with electronic synchronization and computer control.
      Programmable in additive or subtractive dispersion
      Scan Speed: > 1 to 1200nm/minute (with 1200 g/nm grating)
      Stray Light: < 10-9
      Slits: Unilateral, computer controlled,
      Width - 10μm to 3000μm
      Height - 2mm to 20mm
      Gratings: Two to six gratings (68 x 68mm standard,
      68 x 84mm optional) must be purchased.
      See Appendix A for options.
      Wavelength Precision: 0.01nm (additive)    0.01nm (subtractive)
      Wavelength Accuracy: ± 0.3nm (additive)    ± 0.3nm (subtractive)
      Reciprocal Dispersion: 1.60nm/mm (additive)    ---
      (with 1200 g/mm grating)
      Max Resolution: <0.04nm (additive)    0.06nm (subtractive)
      Pulse Broadening: 200 ps max (additive)    10 fs max (subtractive)
      Interface: RS232 standard
      Software: Demonstration control program
      and LabView driver included.
      Power: 110 / 120V, 50/60Hz @ 1A standard.
      220/230/240V, 50/60Hz @ 0.5A optional.
      Warranty: One year
      • DKBS - Bi-lateral slits
      • DKGPIB - IEEE-488 communication interface (internal)
      • DK2400 and Hand-held controllers for local control
      • IR240 - Gold optics
      • DK2PORT - Bifurcated fiber bundle for attaching 2 devices to 1 port.
      • AB300 - Automated 6 position filter wheel
      See options and accessories
      If you need more information about this item, please call ((505)343-9700 x100 or email sales@spectralproducts.com


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