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    DK240 1/4米单色仪
    DK240 1/4 Meter Monochromator

    DK240 1/4 Meter Monochromator

    # 通过RS232或IEEE-488接口连接计算机
    # 电动狭缝
    # 三光栅转台,在宽光谱范围上实现高效率扫描
    # 工厂可将其配置成单色仪或光谱仪
    # 双向扫描,光谱分辨率恒定 (CSR)
    # 集成SP的滤波轮,可自动切换滤波片
    # 适合荧光及吸收,探测器特性和薄膜测量等研究


    DK240 1/4 Meter Monochromator

    • Connects to any computer via RS232 or IEEE-488.
    • Motorized slits.
    • Triple-grating turret allows high efficiency scanning across a broad spectral range.
    • May be factory configured as a monochromator or spectrograph.
    • Scans in both directions and with Constant Spectral Resolution (CSR).
    • Integrates with SP filter wheel for automatic filter switching.
    • Suitable for fluorescence and absorption studies, detector characterization, thin film measurements, etc.

    The Workhorse: Direct Digital Drive/Constant Spectral Resolution

    The Digikrom DK240 is a complete computer integrated solution. Easy to use commands control the triple grating turret, motorized slits, and optional motorized filter wheel for quick and easy sorting. Instrument mode can be set for constant spectral resolution (CSR), where the slit width is automatically modified to compensate in the change in dispersion with wavelength to maintain constant spectral bandpass.

    Rugged cast construction, A-Thermal design, and SP direct grating drive make this unit the most repeatable and reliable in its class. Each instrument is calibrated and certified prior to delivery.

    Feature Value
    Design: Czerny-Turner. Triple-grating turret standard.
    Focal Length: 240mm
    f/#: 3.9
    Wavelength Drive: Worm and wheel with computer control. Bi-directional.
    Wavelength Precision and Reproducibility: 0.007nm (with 1200g/mm grating)
    Wavelength Accuracy: ± 0.30nm standard (with 1200 g/mm grating)
    Scan Speed: 1 to 1200nm/minute (with 1200g.mm grating)
    Stray Light: < 0.01% at 220nm (Nal)
    Slits: Unilateral, computer controlled, curved entrance and straight exit standard.
    Width - 10μm to 3000μm
    Height - 2mm to 20mm
    Reciprocal Dispersion: 3.2nm/mm (with 1200 g/mm grating)
    Max Resolution: 0.06nm (with 1200 g/mm grating)
    Gratings: One to three gratings (68 x 68mm standard, 68 x 84mm optional)
    must be purchased. See Appendix A for options.
    Software: Demonstration control program
    and LabView driver included.
    Power: 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz, 60W
    220/230/240V, 50/60Hz @ 0.5A optional.
    Interface: RS232 standard
    Weight: 35 lbs.
    Warranty: One year
    • DKBS - Bi-lateral slits
    • DKGPIB - IEEE-488 communication interface (internal)
    • DK2400 and Hand-held controllers for local control
    • IR240 - Gold optics
    • DK2PORT - Bifurcated fiber bundle for attaching 2 devices to 1 port.
    • AB300 - Automated 6 position filter wheel
    See options and accessories
    If you need more information about this item, please call (505)343-9700 x100 or email sales@spectralproducts.com


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