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    Visible Achromatic Doublets


    • Positive and Negative Visible Achromatic Doublets
    • Ø5 mm to Ø50.8 mm Sizes for Positive Doublets
    • Ø12.7 mm and Ø25.4 mm Sizes for Negative Doublets
    • 7.5 mm to 1000 mm Focal Lengths for Positive Doublets
    • -20 mm to -100 mm Focal Lengths for Negative Doublets
    • Broadband Anti-Reflection A1 Coating (400 nm - 700 nm)

    Thorlabs' cemented Achromatic Doublets are computer optimized to provide excellent performance in the visible region. Our design for the achromatic doublets uses the helium "d" line (587.6 nm, yellow) and the hydrogen "F" (486.1 nm, blue/green) and "C" (656.3 nm, red) lines. These wavelengths reasonably represent the visible spectrum and are used to define the Abbe Number, V, of a material. Achromatic doublets are useful for controlling chromatic aberration and are frequently used to achieve a diffraction limited spot when using a monochromatic source like a laser. Refer to the Application Tab above for information about the superior performance of achromatic doublets compared to singlet lenses. Detailed information regarding each achromatic doublet can be found in the Zemax® files included with the support documents under the MFG Spec link for each doublet. Refer to the Measurement Tab above for examples of measurements that can be made using the Zemax® files.

    Please see the Specs tab for recommended lens mounts or choose an an appropriate mount from our selection of fixed diameter lens mounts, self-centering adjustable lens mounts, and adjustable lens mounts. When choosing a lens mount, make sure the mount can accommodate the diameter and edge thickness specifications of the lens. The Ø1/2", Ø1", and Ø2" Visible Achromatic Doublets are available premounted in engraved lens tubes (Mounted Achromatic Doublets). In addition the engraved lens tubes can be purchased separately (Mounts for Achromatic Doublets).


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