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    Matched Achromatic Pairs
    • Ideal for Image Relay, NA Conversion or Image Magnification
    • SM1 or SM05 threaded for simple integration
    • Different Magnifications for Imaging and Numerical Aperture Matching
    • Focal lengths Clearly Marked for Easy Identification
    • Ø0.7" or Ø1.2" Housings
    • Broadband AR Coating from 400 - 700nm


    Our achromatic doublets are designed for infinite conjugate ratios, but are ideal for finite conjugate applications when used in pairs. In finite conjugate applications, both the object and image are a finite distance from the pair of lenses. Thorlabs' Matched Achromatic Pairs combine two of our stock doublets for use as an image relay system NA conversion or image magnification. The spacing between elements is optimized to give the best image quality and optimum numerical aperture conversion.

    These pairs are housed in SM1 (1.035"-40) or SM05 (0.535"-40) threaded housings in standard sizes of Ø0.7" or Ø1.2". The housings are engraved with the part numbers, focal lengths and magnification of the pair, allowing for easy identification. Because the lenses are pre-mounted, there is no need to actually handle the glass optics, making these matched achromatic pairs suitable for OEM applications.


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