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    Cleaning Supplies

    Thorlabs offers the following line of lens care supplies for cleaning and maintenance of your optical components:

    • Lens Tissues & Wipes: Including booklets of lens tissue, Kimwipe boxes, and cotton-tipped applicators
    • Dusting Kits: 8 oz cans of ozone-safe air (tetrafluoroethane)
    • Wash & Dropper Bottles Kit: Four wash bottles and three dropper bottles all clearly marked for common laboratory solvents (Solvents not included)
    • Fiber Cleaning Products: These solvents are double-filtered to 0.2 μm and are designated as TravelSAFE™, thereby enabling air shipment
    • Optical Fiber Connector Cleaner: Useful for cleaning connector end faces
    • One-Touch Pump Dispenser: Minimizes solvent evaporation when cleaning optics

    Wipes and Tissues

    KimwipesTM (KW32)   4.5" x 8.4", Durable, Absorbent, Extra Low Lint Sheets
      Ideal for Cleaning Connectors Between Polishing Steps
      12 Boxes per Case, 280 Kimwipes per Box (Sorry, No Partial Cases)
    Lens Tissues (MC-5)

      Extremely Soft, Premium Grade Sheets (25 Sheets per Booklet, 5 Booklets per Pack)
      Single Sheet Dimension: 4.9" x 2.9" (124 x 73 mm)
    Bulk Lens Tissues (MC-50E)

      Extremely Soft, Premium Grade Sheets (25 Sheets per Booklet, 50 Booklets per Box)
      Recloseable Box for Easy Storage
    Cotton-Tipped Applicators (CTA10)

      6" Wood Stick Disposable Applicators with Cotton Tips (100 per Pack)

    Dusting Kits

    Refill Can of Inert Dusting Gas (CA1)  10 oz Can of Tetrafluoroethane (Ozone Safe)
    Trigger Valve Metal Nozzle (CA2)

      For 10 oz Can of Tetrafluoroethane (Ozone Safe)
    Complete Duster (CA3)

      10 oz Can of Tetrafluoroethane (Ozone Safe) with Integrated Plastic Nozzle

    Requires Ground Shipments - Stocked in USA, Germany, & Japan

    Wash and Dropper Bottles

     Four Wash Bottles Labeled for Acetone, Methanol, Distilled Water, and Isopropanol (Solvents Not Included)
      Three Glass Dropper Bottles Labeled for Acetone, Methanol, and Propanol (Solvents Not Included)

    These plastic wash bottles are ideal for the storage and dispensing of common laboratory cleaning solvents. Each bottle is clearly labeled and color coded to help prevent misidentification of the solvents. The small dropper bottles are recommended for dispensing cleaning fluids for laser grade optics. Both the dropper bottles and the accompanying droppers are made of glass.

    Fiber Cleaning Products

    TravelSAFE1 Fiber Preparation Fluid (FCS1)   Popular Alternative to IPA and Acetone due to its Nonflammable Nature
    TravelSAFE1 Fiber Connector Cleaner (FCS2)

      Engineered for Cleaning Connectors Within Alignment Sleeves and Optimized for Use with MCC25 Connector Cleaning Sticks
    TravelSAFE1 Precision Optical Cleaner (FCS3)

      Designed to Remove Fingerprints, Light Oils, Dust, Fibers, Water Spots, and Surface Films from Optical and Plastic Components
    Lint-Free Wipes (LFW90)

      Mini-Tub of Lint-Free Wipes for Cleaning Fiber and Connector End-Faces (90 2" x 4" Sheets per Tub)
      More Absorbent than Traditional Cellulose Wipes
    Connector Cleaning Sticks (MCC25)

      Molded Swabs (Ideal for Use with FCS2) Wick up More Liquid and Trap More Particulate than Fabric-Style Counterparts
      Heads Conform to Connector End-Face Geometry (50 per Pack)

    Optical Fiber Connector Cleaner

      Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth
      Rubber Pad Prevents Scratching
      Sliding Cover Blocks Contamination

    This hand-held connector cleaner is a great alternative to alcohol or solvent. The cleaning cloth effectively removes dirt, dust, oil, grease, and debris from connector end faces. A resilient rubber pad beneath the cleaning surface prevents scratching, and a plastic sliding cover protects the cleaner fromcontamination when not in use.

    Solvent Dispenser Bottle

      One-Handed Operation
      Holds Up to 8 oz of Solvent

    This one-touch pump dispenser bottle is great for minimizing evaporation of solvents when cleaning optics with a swab or brush. The bottle has a capacity of 8 oz and is suitable for most solvents, including acetone, gasoline, propanol, MEK, toluene, turpentine, and water.


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