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    Piezo-Compatible Motorized XY Stages & Accessories
    Piezo-Compatible Motorized XY Stages & Accessories
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    • Compact, Low Profile Design
    • Directly Compatible with Olympus IX Microscopes
    • Compatible with Nikon TE2000 Microscopes using the MAX200A1 Adapter
    • Compatible with High-Speed Piezo Stages
    • Encoded and Non-Encoded Versions Available
    • Accepts Standard Microscope Slides and Ø35 mm Petri Dishes via Sample Holder Platforms
    • Simplified Mounting to Microscope
    • Easy Integration of Accessories

    The MAX200 Series of dual-axis motorized stages and accessories have been specifically designed for automated XY positioning of microscopy samples. Using sample holder plates, the stages can easily hold standard microscope slides or Ø35 mm Petri dishes. Thorlabs also provides convenient mounting options for attaching these stages to many commercially available microscopes from Olympus and Nikon as well as third-party or custom-designed imaging systems.

    The MAX200 (standard) and MAX201 (encoded) stages have been designed to be compatible with our MicroScan series of piezo scanning stages, which is a feature that is not available with the MAX202 (standard) and MAX203 (encoded) extended travel stages, the two other members of the MAX200 Series of stages. The MicroScan family consists of two stages, offering high-speed, piezo-actuated motion in the Z or XY directions. In addition, these stages offer fast, accurate, and repeatable positioning of the region of interest with submicron resolution.

    All MAX200 series stages are driven by high-resolution microstepping stepper motors. The positional accuracy of the MAX200 stage is determined by microstep counting, which results in a positional accuracy of 5 μm and a unidirectional repeatability of 1 μm. The MAX201 stage includes a precision glass scale linear encoder that improves the linearity, accuracy, and precision to 1 μm. To drive the MAX200 series, we recommend the apt™ BSC102 precision 2-channel controller. This controller operates with both open- and closed-loop versions of the MAX200 stages. However, if the MAX200 stage is to be used in conjunction with a MicroScan series piezo stage, we offer a hybrid controller (BPS103) that contains 2 channels of stepper motor control and a channel of piezoelectric control. This makes a particularly convenient solution for motorized XY control and piezoelectric Z control.

    Each stage comes packaged with two 3 m (10 ft) long cables to connect to a BSC102 apt™ controller (PAA613 is packaged with the MAX200, PAA628 with the MAX201).


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