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    MicroScan Z axis Microscopy Scanning Stage
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    For visualizing specimens or samples on standard microscope slides (1” x 3”) the Thorlabs Z-axis piezo stage (SCZ100) provides a convenient mechanism to precisely control the position of your sample with sub-micron repeatability.  100 microns of travel allows Z-axis scanning for optical sectioning of samples or ultra fine focus adjustment. When combined with a piezo controller this system is all you need for complete computer control of positioning with active location feedback.

    For scanning purposes this means you can scan your sample, add reagents--wait for a physiological process, then rescan and be assured that you are imaging the same point in your sample.  This closed loop active feedback will ensures correct positioning with a 30 nm resolution and sub-micron repeatabilty.  It also provides active feedback to compensate for thermal changes and other factors that might lead to “stage drift”.  This makes the stage an ideal complement to any confocal scanning microscope and therefore aides in the acquisition of 3D data.

    Vertical motion of the SCZ100 is driven by piezo electric elements, which need to be connected to a piezo compatible controller. The choice of controller is made on the basis of how rapidly the stage needs to move. The quicker the stage needs to move, the more current the controller needs to supply. To use the stage to its full high speed potential, we recommended Thorlabs BPC201, but for slower vertical scanning experiment, the most cost effective Thorlabs controller for this task is the TPZ001 . Both controllers operate through the same APT Software (supplied) and provide users with simple stand alone control applications. If more complex or integrated software control is required, the APT software ActiveX modules can be seamlessly imported and used within any Windows development environment (e.g. National Instuments Labview or Microsoft Visual Studio).

    Mulitple machined holes on this stage allows for flexible mounting screw locations making this stage easy to mount on most commercial microscopes. It can also be used wtih our Motorized XY stages to allow 3-axis movement.


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