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    Mounts for IR Achromatic Doublets
    • SM Threaded Mounting Cells for IR Achromatic Doublets
    • Engraved Housing Includes Part Number, Focal Length, and Coating of Specified Optic
    • Threading Compatible with Many Thorlabs Parts Including Cage Systems and Lens Tubes
    Thorlabs offers these mounting cells to house our unmounted IR achromatic doublets. Each SM-compatible mount is engraved with the part number, focal length, range of the antireflection coating that has been deposited onto the lens' surface (in this case, 1050-1620 nm), an arrow indicating the direction of light propagation to collimate a point source, and an infinity symbol denoting that this lens has an infinite conjugate ratio (i.e., if a diverging light source is placed one focal length away from the flat side of the lens, the light rays emerging from the curved side will be collimated). Each mount comes with one retaining ring to secure the optic.
    Please see our IR Achromatic Doublets for more information on the lenses for these mounts or see our Mounted IR Achromats

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