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    Hitachi Color Cameras
    Hitachi Color Cameras
    • 1/2" or 1/3" Interline Transfer CCD
    • Compact Design with Advanced Features
    • 4X数字变焦以及文本显示
    • RS-232系列界面控制工具
    • 屏显菜单系统

    The Hitachi KP-D20 color cameras use a single integration type CCD, complemented by a digital signal processing system to provide both high quality images and a host of important compensation functions. The combination of features and remote control capability makes these cameras ideal for machine vision applications. The user can directly control Automatic Gain, Gamma, Shutter, Chroma, Pedestal, Detail Level, and Polarity via a simple push button menu screen, or via an RS-232C serial interface cable and software (cable sold separately). A digital zoom option provides smooth enlargement up to 4X and precise control of the camera's field of view, allowing the user to concentrate on a specific region of interest. The small lightweigt design gives these cameras the flexibility to be easily adapted into any application. Other features include: Back Light Control, Auto-Tracking White Balance, and both BNC and Y-C (S-video) outputs. Each camera includes a power supply and 5mm spacer for use with our C-Mount lenses.

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    Hitachi KP-D20A 1/3" CCD Color Analog Camera, NTSC
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    Hitachi KP-D20B 1/2" CCD Color Analog Camera, NTSC



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