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    Manual Mini-Chrom Monochromator
    • 6 Choices of Wavelength Ranges
    • Compact, Handheld Size
    • 2 NIR Versions

    The Mini-Chrom is a manually operated monochromator that utilizes a knob dial for wavelength selection. Rotation of the dial causes, via a precision lead screw/sine bar mechanism, rotation of the diffraction grating which positions the selected wavelength at the exit slit. Wavelength is read directly in nanometers (nm) from a four digit counter on all models. Near infrared Models E and F require the micrometer reading to be doubled, to 2nm per division, for wavelength selection and readout. #56-253 and #56-254 have gold coated optics for maximum grating efficiency and superior reflectance in the near infrared.

    These are ideal as components for system integration; all that is required is the light source and sensor. Set of 300 micron slits is included. Narrower slits increase resolution but decrease throughput. Wider slits increase throughput at the expense of spectral purity. These instruments are designed for use in research, quality control, and teaching. They are also used extensively as components in a variety of sophisticated analytical and biomedical equipment such as: clinical chemistry analyzers, HPLC detectors, and UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometers. The Mini-Chrom is a compact, in-line Fastie-Ebert design with throughput, resolution, stray light, and power handling features comparable to many larger, more expensive, conventional models.

    Two 1/4-20 thread mounting holes on base enable easy system integration. Model #37-600 is a spectrograph unit for viewing discrete spectral bands, includes: Mini-Chrom #37-598, Opaque base 12X magnifier #30-054 and Straight Line Scale Reticle #30-323.

    Note: Customer must mount the included eyepiece for #37-600. Slit Adapter #56-256 converts slit aperture to SMA connector compatible with Amphenol 906 series fiber optic connectors.

    Effective Aperture (f/#) F3.9
    Focal Length 74mm
    Grating 20mm square (AlMgF2 coated)
    Slits 300 microns W x 4mm L (*2 included)
    Stray Light Model A - C: =<0.003%; Model D - F: =<0.02%
    Wavelength Reproducibility ±0.15%
    Wavelength Accuracy ±0.2% (% of wavelength)
    Wavelength Readability 0.2nm
    Resolution (nm) = (Slit Width) x (Linear Dispersion), see table
    Dimensions 49mm H x 59mm W x 139mm L
    Weight 1.5 lbs. (0.7kg)


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